College Essay Mentorship


By the time senior year rolls around, it can feel like much of your college application is out of your control—junior-year grades are set, your extracurriculars are what they are, and most of your standardized test scores are in. But there is one key piece of your application that you can still control—and that is the college essay. 

The essay is your chance to show who you really are—beyond the black and white numbers of grades. It is your opportunity to reveal your personality, your passions, your quirks, and your dreams. A compelling college essay is often the difference between an acceptance and a rejection because it is moment when you can become real to the admissions readers—or remain flat on the page. 

I am here to help. As a Yale graduate, a published writer, a former Creative Writing professor, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing, I am uniquely equipped to help you craft a knock-out college essay.

Most large-scale college essay companies charge a steep up-front rate in addition to hourly rates of $150 or more. I understand that such pricing makes college essay mentorship inaccessible for many students. As a result, my rate is $75/hour, with a sliding scale for students whose families are facing economic hardship. I offer one-on-one brainstorming, mentoring, and workshopping sessions in person and via FaceTime/Skype. For more information or to discuss scheduling and pricing, please contact me

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