"Ms.Ray is the definition of excellence in teaching. She is not only incredibly kind, but she also knows how to push her students to reach their full potential. After spending just one semester with her, I transformed from feeling insecure about my ability to write poetry into someone who finds comfort and confidence in my written work. This newfound confidence stems from Ms.Ray's gentle yet imperturbable support and belief in her students. In her classes, one finds a safe community for growth and learning, and every single person is validated and supported. Each day as I came to class, I knew as soon as I entered her classroom I would be valued as a writer, and I would find community amongst my peers. For all of this and more, I am so grateful for Ms.Ray!"

-Veronica Merril, University of Virginia Class of 2021

"Ms. Ray embraces her role as teacher and mentor of writers to the fullest. An open book (no pun intended!), she is keen to share excerpts from her own life and work, inspiring in her budding writers a sense of the vulnerability and sensibility that is key to "the craft". The smile she brings to each and every class makes her love for writing and teaching shine through. Personally, Ms. Ray has led me to embrace my inner voice and become comfortable in my identity as a creative writer."

-Jean-Luc Sensenbrenner, Georgetown Class of 2021

"During my time in her Creative Writing course, Ms. Ray first and foremost taught me to conquer my fear of the second draft. Her constructive editing and critiques improved my skills in both composition and revision in a way I hadn’t previously experienced with other English teachers. Ms. Ray is an mentor in every sense of the word, as well as an exceptional role model for aspiring young writers." 

-Annabelle Rice, University of Chicago Class of 2021

"Ms. Ray pushed me to access and write about parts of myself that I never knew existed. Ms. Ray's upbeat and positive attitude and passion for writing made me excited to write and ignited a similar passion in me. Through Ms. Ray's specific, thoughtful, and encouraging guidance, my writing improved immensely, and I developed not only into a more nuanced and powerful writer, but into a more thoughtful and whole person, as well."

-Olivia Forrester, National Cathedral School Class of 2018

"Ms. Ray opened my eyes to the incredible potential of writing outside the routine task of book analysis or putting together a research paper. Her incredible knowledge and passion for the subject demanded only the best of her students and always encouraged growth. My time in her class was truly an outstanding point in my high school career." 

-Alexandre LaBossiere, St Albans School Class of 2018

"Ms. Ray definitely helped me improve my writing. Her lively attitude and fun exercises stimulated my creativity beyond my imagination. When I combined my newfound creativity with my newfound writing skills I flourished in other English classes and wrote great college essays."

-Donovan Rolle, University of Virginia Class of  2021

"The semester-class I took with Ms. Ray was both fun and invigorating. Thanks mainly to her excellent constructive criticism and clever analysis of the writings of others, the bounds of my writing were pushed in a way they never had been before."

-Trevor Child, St. Albans School Class of 2018

"Ms. Ray greatly improved my writing! Her knowledge and advice made me a better fiction writer and enhanced my writing overall. Her creative writing class was fun and exposed me to new and interesting styles of writing."

-Griffin Shapiro, St. Albans School Class of 2018